School Psychologists

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Contact Information

Ms. Trisha Bailey

- Brooks Elementary School (815) 754-9936

- Cortland Elementary School (815) 754-2360

- Jefferson Elementary School (815) 754-2363

Dr. Lisa Becker

- Early Learning & Development Center

(815) 754-2999

Ms. Gabi Busse

- Huntley Middle School  (815) 754-2241

Ms. Cristina Contreras, Bilingual

-DeKalb High School            (815) 754-2100

Dr. Erin Deliberto

- Lincoln Elementary School (815) 754-2212

- DeKalb High School 

(815) 754-2100

Mr. Kyle Gerdes

- Clinton Rosette Middle School  (815) 754-2226

- Huntley Middle School (SOAL) (815) 754-2241

 Ms. Annie Hlavin

- Founders Elementary School (815) 754-3800

- Malta Elementary School (815) 754-2970

Ms. Victoria Hensley

- Brooks Elementary School (815) 754-9936

- Tyler Elementary School (815) 754-2389

Ms. Courtney Royer

- Cortland Elementary School 

(815) 754-2360

Mr. Trevor Bixler, School Psychologist Extern

 - Littlejohn Elementary School 

(815) 754-2258

- DeKalb High School              (815) 754-2100

What is a School Psychologist?

School psychologists are mental health specialists with knowledge of child development, the psychology of learning, behavior management and intervention, monitoring progress of students, and program evaluation. 

School psychologists apply this knowledge using a problem-solving approach to help bring about positive changes in learning environment, attitude, and motivation. Services offered by the school psychologist may be provided directly to the student or indirectly by working with teachers, parents, and other care givers; however, all services provided by the school psychologist are intended to enhance the academic and social emotional success of students. 

School psychologists promote the application of research-based psychological principles and practices that support the mental health and learning potential of all students in general education as well as special education programs. 

How do we help students and families?

Education and Prevention

  • Providing school staff and parent training
  • Helping to develop school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) programs
  • Supporting students with suicide prevention and crisis management
  • Fostering tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in the schools
  • Developing and implementing social-emotional screening programs to identify students in need of intervention


  • Providing direct services to children and parents
  • Helping families and schools deal with crises
  • Providing short-term individual and group counseling related to learning and school issues
  • Helping to conduct behavioral assessments and develop behavioral intervention plans
  • Providing training in social skills, behavior management, and other school-related topics
  • Supporting school-wide efforts to facilitate student progress toward measurable goals through data collection, progress monitoring, and data interpretation


  • Supporting teachers with student accommodations and learning strategies
  • Assisting with classroom management and behavior intervention plans
  • Leading problem-solving teams
  • Consulting with other professionals in the community
  • Assisting parents access mental health resources in the community


  • Assessing learning environments and school climate
  • Conducting psychological evaluations to assess abilities, skills, and emotional/social functioning
  • Conducting behavioral assessments
  • Performing curriculum-based assessments
  • Participating in the special education eligibility process

Collaborative Efforts

  • Collaborating with school staff and parents to support student learning and life skills
  • Working with other county school psychologists to improve service delivery
  • Collaborating with professionals in the community to improve client services